Tuesday, March 12, 2013

3D Print!

It's been busy around here at DT Robotics!  Since wrapping up our Kickstarter project for the Jog it! pendant I have been pondering what to tackle next.  Meanwhile the pendants keep selling almost as fast as I can find the free time to put them together and I am starting to realize a change needs to be made to them.

The big issue right now is how long it takes to machine the cases!  There is just something awesome about a pendant that is machined from a billet of plastic, but it is just to time consuming to keep producing them this way.

So I have decided to move to an injection molded plastic case.  I have been messing around with some different designs and here are some pictures of the 3d printed prototypes.

Lots of color choices!
The new design fits the hand better
While I sort out the final design and funding to get the injection molded cases done, please feel free to download the models of the cases you see in the pictures above!  A link has been posted at the bottom of the Jog it! page.  I printed these with PLA with two shells, 100% infill at medium resolution on a Makerbot replicator 2.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Strain relief

This post is to help the kit builders who have finished machining their case.  This is how to strain relief is intended to work in the Jog it plastic case.