Jog it!

Jog it! CNC Pendant

What is the Jog It! CNC pendant?

It is a hand held controller that comes in two flavors, Mach3 or Linux CNC (formerly EMC2).  Two models are required because each controller software has different keyboard shortcuts that the Jog It! Pendant emulates.
Set up is easy.  For Linux CNC simply plug it into an open USB port and you are ready to rock!
For Mach3, plugging it into an open USB port will work for all buttons but four (zero X, zero Y, zero Z, and step increment). To use these buttons you will need to load a new .set file that is provided at the bottom of this page into the Mach3 folder on our computer, and then open it in Mach3.  Changing the .set file takes just just a few minutes, you only have to do it one time.  Watch the "unboxing" video below for instructions on how to download and change this file.

How do I use it?

Mach3 unboxing and set up

Mach3 Demonstration

Linux CNC unboxing and set up

Linux CNC video

Mach3 2010 screen (visit the Mach3 2010 website for more information on this screen set)

The Jog It! CNC pendant will change the way you interact with your machine!

Are you sick and tired of memorizing strange keyboard shortcuts, and lugging your keyboard around while you zero your machine? Me to!  Trust me, using this pendant even one time will change the way you interact with your machine.

Open Source!

Over the next few weeks I will be releasing everything about this pendant onto the internet free for all. The parts list, schematic, firmware, CAD files and drawings will be posted as fast as I have time to put them up.
Don't like the way I have some buttons programmed?  No problem!  Just make a few changes in the firmware and you can make the buttons do whatever you want.

 Downloads and Open Source files: