Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Early bird pendants have shipped!


After a memorable trip to the local Post Office (that was a lof of small boxes to ballance in my arms on the way in!) the first 50 Jog it! pendants have shipped! They should start arriving in peoples mailboxes over the next few days. 
Thanks to every one for being patient with me as I balance building pendants, shipping them out and updating this website with the open source files.
To get started using your Jog it! pendant check it out on the products page.


  1. Where is the open source code you promised?

    This is my main interest. You say you have been busy getting pendants out, but you have time to promote a new project idea. I really would like to receive the code you promised all that backed you.

  2. If we are running the 2010 screen set, how will this effect the setup procedure? Do we need to get a modified 2010 screen set file?

  3. Great question Glen,

    Gerry has been kind enough to provide the required .set file on the Mach3 2010 website.

    If you scroll down to the bottom of his page you will see the files for download. Same procedure as far as moving the file into your Mach3 folder, and then changing the loadscreen in Mach.

  4. Are full kit's going to be available for purchase where I can do all the soldering myself but you provide the milled plastic and alum face and rubber buttons and PCB? If so do you have a projected cost on the kit and availability of the kit. Do you plan to Offer fully assembled units for sale??

  5. Hey Chuck,

    The kit versions were a Kickstarter thing, and I will not be producing them again as they are almost as much work as a completed model.

    The complete units will be for sale soon, I should have the Kickstarter rewards all shipped in the next week and a half and then I will start selling these on Ebay and this website.

    Thanks for your interest!

  6. Hi Jerome,

    Just a quick note to let you know I tried the JOGIT on my mill yesterday after installing a new computer in my machine. I want to complement you on a job well done. Everything works according to plan. I'm now thinking of getting rid of my Xbox controller and supper shuttle. I particularly enjoy setting the axis to zero from the controller. I need to figure out how to have the MPG screen stay on all the time. It's a pain to have to bring it up everytime I need to jog. I have not had the time to work with the stripped down boards you sent me yet, but I'm sure they will fit my needs. I'll let you know how that works out.
    My Buddy was over yesterday and wants to buy a complete unit from you as well. I directed him to this site. I will also be watching your work on the desk top CNC with interest. I often thought it would be cool to have a unit like that just to test things out in Mach while I work on my computer and watch TV with my wife! Drives her nuts. Whe can't figure out why I don't shut my brain off once in a while!

    Dan B, Tempe, AZ